Friday, September 7, 2018


Hello Everyone!

This is my first post on this blog.

I want to start my blog post with one thing which is really surprised and impressed me. Something i always wonder even in mathematical calculation and investment returns.

Yes. You got it correct.

Its Compound Interest. Albert Einstein called it as 8th wonder of the world. And It doesn't apply only to finance.

I don't want to start with invest in one mutual fund or stock or fixed deposit to get good return after few years by compounding or with mathematical equation with principle, interest rate and time. But i want to say, make sure you invest in right place, re invest the earnings again and continue it for long term with discipline is going to do wonderful magic. And this magic is way to real wealth.

As long as you put yourself and stick with your habits, compounding will do its magic. In Finance, As long as you invest your money, with discipline investing and allowing it to grow long term, Compounding will give you big corpus of money. The way to Wealth.

I'm going to write more investing option available in India with good compounding. Keep watching this place.

Happy Compounding!